Last Wednesday, I had the unique pleasure of sitting down in the studio with Liv Wheeler and Chelsea Wind, two amazing women who are currently on a tour around the country. I first met Liv just a few months ago and I can tell you that her presence alone is powerful medicine. Liv is a Kontomble voice diviner, meaning that she channels the voices of Kontomble, a word from the Dagara people of Burkina Faso of the universally recognized “little people” (aka dwarves, leprechauns, duende, etc). In America and in Western Culture more generally, these little people have been confined to fairy tales and myths, but Chelsea and Liv are on a journey to challenge those assumptions and reassert the reality of these beings.

For me personally, being introduced to this work and experiencing it has taught me so much about the things I put in the category of real and those I relegate to imaginary. It’s all very challenging–in an amazing way. I invite all of you to step into this interview with an open mind. As a dreamworker, it’s so vital to me that we continue to build towards a world where as wide a spectrum of belief about what’s real and what’s possible can be supported and respected. Liv and Chelsea beautifully embody that spirit of respect, asking not for their beliefs to be adopted by everyone or even most people–but simply that their experience of reality be given the same degree of reverence that the dominant perspectives of reality currently enjoy.

The interview was truly a ton of fun! I hope you’ll tune in and let me know what you think. Liv and Chelsea are going to be continuing their tour for the next few months so if you are in any of these areas perhaps you can have the pleasure of experiencing them in person. Full information can be found here: Folk Medicine Revival: Resurgence of Respect for the Little People TOUR

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