In the fall of 2012, after three and half years of personal dreamwork, I began my apprenticeship with my original dream teacher, Marc Bregman at his organization North of Eden. Two brave individuals (that I am still lucky enough to call my friends) volunteered to be my guinea pigs as I began learning the art and craft of working with people and their dreams, and within the next year or so, that number grew to 6.

The next year and half were difficult. Learning how to work with other’s dreams and bear witness to the healing journey I had experienced myself was incredible. I felt certain that I had found my life’s passion, witnessing with awe as dreams opened up the gates for tremendous healing over and over again, and learning so much from the teachers and supervision provided to me by North of Eden. At the same time, the closer I got to my teacher and his organization, the more disillusioned I became. As fate would have it, within a year and a half of my joining North of Eden, the foundation of the group broke apart and was never quite the same again. Like everyone who was part of the fabric there, I have my own personal story and role in that breaking apart, but that story is for another time. Suffice it to say, I was not a silent witness to the injustices I perceived within the functioning in the group, and was eventually shamed and shunned because of it.

By the spring of 2014, I was torn. On one hand, by then, I was beginning to develop a practice of dream clients, all modeled off of the work I had been doing with Marc and his organization for over five years. On the other hand, I was disheartened by the breaking apart of my dream community, leading me to deeply question what I had previously been so confident about. Was this work actually beneficial to people, if the person who originated it was flawed? And if the work was actually flawed in some way, didn’t that mean I was too?

I am incredibly grateful for the dreamers that I had the privilege to work with in this period. Without them, I’m not sure where I would be today. With all of these questions swimming in my head, my one-on-one sessions were a bright spot, hour long spurts where I felt grounded, connected, and clear. Yes, this was my purpose, and I got so much joy from each and every session.

But the hours outside of those sessions were not so harmonious. My questioning of myself became more and more intense as I lost the previous support system I had in the dreamwork. Many of my questions stemmed from basic confusions I had around healing, power, and the possibility of guiding others through their dreams.

Gradually, I began to realize that I needed to change what I offered to dreamers who came seeking guidance, but I wasn’t sure how. So I just continued to meditate upon the questions and issues that would come up for me through my work. Slowly but surely, more and more peace came to me, and my questioning became more focused. Eventually, a few central paradoxes floated to the forefront of my mind:

  • The dreamer is the utmost authority on their own dream…and dreamers need external perspective in order to gain clarity on their dream
  • Deep, long lasting transformation takes patience and time….and the longer an individual depends on another for their healing, the more dependent they become
  • We must bring our awareness to the ways we are separated from love to find it again…and consistent dwelling in the separation can block love
  • Without external support, healing is not possible…and ultimately it is only the individual that can initiate their own healing

At first, I thought the path forward for me would only appear once I determined the answer to these struggles, i.e. which side of these seemingly contradictory notions were ‘right’. But as they became more clear in my mind, I realized that the path forward was not by choosing one truth over another, but instead walking in balance between each. Slowly, I was able to make peace with the contradictions of my former teacher, and feel fully comfortable embracing all of the amazing aspects of his teachings while discarding the aspects that didn’t resonate with me. Of course he had flaws, he was human, just like me. And that didn’t mean that powerful and transformative work in service to others hadn’t taken place. As I’ve come to fully embrace these contradictions and live my truth out among them, my new offering was born, and I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing it with all of you.

Dream of Love coaching is a new system I’ve created to that is meant to answer these paradoxes with firmness, integrity, vulnerability, and devotion. The core of the work—guiding individuals through their dreams to engage with the healing is still there, but I’ve created a new container and expanded offerings that allows me to interact with these various paradoxes openly and consistently. I feel confident that this new approach to my work will facilitate profound transformations that are grounded in self-empowerment and unconditional love, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you.

So if you are feeling like the time is now for you to engage on an individual journey of healing and transformation utilizing your dreams, I say congratulations!! That is an amazing, and sometimes terrifying step that not everyone finds the courage to take. And I would be absolutely honored to be your guide. Please take a moment to check out the new Dream of Love page to learn more about this offering and if you want to move forward, fill out the application form by clicking here. I’ve got just a few spaces open that I’m seeking to balance with my current client load (and the fact that I’m going to graduate school in August for my Masters in Counseling!! Eek!!).

Finally I want to say thank you to all of the teachers, guides, friends, brothers, sisters, and dreamers who have touched me in so many countless and nameless ways to bring me to where I am today—including those that I have yet to meet! I’ve never felt so supported and loved in my entire life, and feel an immense and joyful weight of gratitude thinking of all the time and energy others have spent caring for my well being and supporting me on my path. I am fiercely devoted to continually walk with integrity, devotion, and boundless love, and please do know that I take each step in your honor. Thank you.


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