The Reality of Love

The Reality of Love

My choice is that the reality is love. What is real, is love. What is an illusion, is the absence of it. What is true, is that there is love. What is a lie, is that there is none.

And let me be clear—I am not talking about mamsy-pambsy feel good love like everything is all good so don’t worry about it. I’m talking about the stark, irrational, deeply honest love that is unconditional.

Welcome to the Dream Circle!

Welcome to the Dream Circle! I’m so glad you decided to join us. It’s truly going to be a blast! On January 22nd, I’m going to send you a BIG introductory e-mail with all the info you need to get started with the course as well as a link to the...

Dream Caravan Feedback

Thank you so much for attending the Dream Caravan! Your participation means so much–and so does your feedback. If you complete this survey, please include your address so I can mail you your FREE copy of the print zine, Laws of the Dream Realm. It’s a...