We could not be more excited to invite you to the New Orleans Dream Convergence, Thursday December 1st-Sunday December 4th, 2016. This annual gathering in our most stimulating city is the ideal location for a weekend of intense dreamwork exploration, healing, and rejuvenation in our individual dreamwork and as a community. This year, our theme is Dreams and the Sacred Encounter.

This is a retreat for everyone: dreamwork clients, dreamwork practitioners and teachers, and this year for the first time, newcomers to the dreamwork.


For Experienced Dreamers

From 9am Thursday December 1 – 6pm Saturday December 3, Dream Caravan Dec. 4th

We’ll gather in small groups to dive deeply into our own dreams as well as share and learn with one another about best practices for doing dreamwork with others while keeping your own dream practice vibrant and alive.

We’ll keep the schedule spacious and allow plenty of opportunities for those with experience to share and present their teachings, creating a stimulating and enriching learning environment. It will also offer discussions and sharing oriented towards outreach: dreams and hospice work, dreams and 12 step, dreams and the arts. There will also be opportunity to connect with the new dreamers who will be joining our retreat for the first time.

In keeping with the theme of Dreams and the Sacred Encounter, there will be teaching offered on integrating dreamwork with meditation, contemplation of images, prayer, poetry, journaling and rituals.

Participants in this retreat will also be given the opportunity to present your work to the public at large during the Dream Caravan.

Cost for the Experienced Dreamer Retreat: $275, please submit $100 deposit by Sept. 20th

For New Dreamers

9am – 6pm Saturday December 3, Dream Caravan Dec. 4th

 How do you cultivate a relationship with your dreams that is inspirational, healing, and deepens your sense of spiritual connection? Join us in this first ever event, where we will open the door for those interested in diving deeply into their own dreams and the potent lessons that they offer.

We’ll gather for a day-long retreat Saturday, beginning with lessons from master dreamworker Rodger Kamenetz, followed by an intensive afternoon workshop where you will gain hands-on tools to use in your dreamwork practice. Experienced dreamers and dreamwork practitioners will be on hand to guide you through the experience, and there will be a closing ceremony Saturday night with the entire group.

On Sunday, you’ll be welcomed to the Dream Caravan, a day long conference-style event where you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of workshops exploring the ways dreams can be used in contexts like hospice, 12-step work, and expressing your creativity.

Cost for the New Dreamer Retreat: $100

What A Typical Day in the Retreat Will Look Like

Since we are experimenting with the format of the retreat this year, we wanted to give folks a sense of what the retreat days will look like. Below you will find the tentative schedule.

Morning Meeting: We’ll meet with the whole group, ground, and Rodger will lead a teaching on dreamwork and spiritual encounter
In-group Presentation/Activity: Following that, a participant will lead the group in an activity that integrates dreamwork practice with one of their skills
*Morning Break* 
Small Groups : We’ll meet in smaller groups to go more indepth individually, including but not exclusive to strings, dream tableaus, and discussion about the method of Natural Dreamwork
*Lunch/Afternoon Break* : A spacious afternoon, with opportunities to consult one on one if needed
Small Groups : Continuing with small groups, similar to above.
*Dinner/Evening Break*
Evening Activity (optional) : Another space for participants to present their teachings to the group and/or social/exploratory activities (group dinner, open mic night, breathwork, art/poetry activity, for example)



screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-09-43-pmThe Dream Caravan

10am – 5pm Sunday December 4

This 2nd annual Dream Caravan is an opportunity to bring the collective wisdom of our retreat participants and dreamworkers into the New Orleans community. This diverse and vibrant event will continue the theme of Dreams as Sacred Encounter, focusing on the ways dreams can augment and support a vibrant spiritual practice. If you are interested in offering a workshop or other offering at the event, please get in touch!

The schedule will include time for evening exploration of New Orleans’ culture, food and music. Everyone who registers for the retreat is encouraged to attend the Dream Caravan and welcomed to attend for free.


We’re hoping this retreat will help you better understand the intellectual and spiritual contexts of our dreamwork, to sharpen your craft of dreamwork with your fellow dreamwork practitioners as well as engage in a deeply healing and transformative experience throughout the retreat. We wish to engage your talents, skills, and experiences as much as possible to make this event supportive and catered to your specific needs.

As you register by filling out the form below, please let us know your interest in these opportunities.


**NOTE THE CHANGE**—instead of gathering at a large retreat home where people stay, we will be hosting the retreat at Rodger Kamenetz’s home in the Marigny. The Dream Caravan will be held nearby. This has allowed us to lower the cost of the retreat. You are invited then to find housing on your own. The home is located near the border of the Marigny/Bywater neighborhood about 25 minutes walking from the French Quarter, where there are plenty of hotels, and there are numerous AirBNB rentals available nearby the area.

Meals will be on your own.


To secure your space in this intimate gathering, we ask that you fill out the form below. An invoice will be sent to you giving you options for payment. For those attending the experienced dreamers retreat, we ask that you send a deposit of $100 by September 20 to hold your spot.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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