Dreamwork Sessions

I offer private Dreamwork sessions for individuals seeking an alternative approach to understanding themselves and transforming their lives.

The Dreamwork I do focuses on the felt experience of your dream to create a roadmap of your inner life. Once we uncover this map,  Dreamwork takes you on a journey led by your dreams to heal past wounds and trauma, connect with your deepest self, and manifest your soul’s calling in the world.

The format of these sessions is simple.

You send in dreams a day ahead of the session. When we meet, we’ll check-in briefly and put any issues in your life on the table. From there, we’ll dive into the dreams. I will slowly walk you through each dream moment, leading with my own curiosity and knowledge of the dream realm to help you navigate the waters of your own experience. Once the depth of the dream has been felt, we will then work to connect those feelings to experiences you may be having in your daily, discovering together how the dream can inform and guide your waking life.

Don’t believe your dreams are good or interesting enough for this work? Allow me the opportunity to change your mind.

Time and again, I have witnessed the transformative and healing power of working with dreams this way. Natural Dreamwork is not a linear process. Instead, dreams are a delicate and intimate medicine, carefully pulling back layers of your psyche while providing you with the support you need to integrate each new discovery. With commitment and courage, Natural Dreamwork will engender a more deeply felt, visceral experience of your life.

Over time, you will learn to confidently navigate the emotional waves of your being, act in the world with integrity based on your true desires, and nurture a deep, inner sense of spiritual connection and support.

Dreamwork is ideal for those who have found themselves stuck in the same patterns again and again and are ready to do the sometimes painful work of being deeply honest with themselves and discover their true essence. And because dreams are so specific to the dreamer, it’s perfect for anyone who has felt unseen or unheard by other therapeutic methods or spiritual practices that may not have been tailored to their individual needs.

Whatever form your dreams are coming to you now is a great place to start.

One-hour sessions can be done by Skype, telephone, or in person in New Orleans, LA. The cost per hour is a sliding scale of $50 – 75. If you are interested in learning more, schedule a complimentary 30 min consultation where we can go over any questions you may have and see if it is a good fit by clicking here. Alternatively, you can email KeziaVida.k@gmail.com to learn more about the method and how it could help you.

As a dreamworker, I adhere to the Association of Dreamwork Practitioner’s Code of Ethics, which you can review by clicking here:  code_of_ethics.

Dream Readings are a great place to start if you aren’t quite ready for a more intensive session and/or have a particular dream on your mind or you are curious about the unique method of Natural Dreamwork.
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What People Are Saying….


Brittanae, Adminstrator

Purchasing a dream reading with you was one of the absolute best gifts I’ve ever given myself. I shared your reading with my sister and it brought her to tears (it had the same effect on me). Thank you SO much! Wow, you are amazing.

April, Counselor

Working with Kezia has brought about change in my life that might not otherwise have occurred. Her unique perceptions and insight into the world of dreams has helped to open my eyes to many of the very subtle ways in which a life can be inhibited, and she has helped me to see the very individual way our dreams are here to help us.

Julie., Scribe

I’d always sensed that dreams, like costumes, do not veil our true nature, but unveil it. Once I started working with Kezia, I began to see that dreams speak to us in a very clear and personalized language. As Kezia walked me through my dreams from within the dreamscape, I started to learn my own dreams’ particular language.

Brennan, Organic Farmer

Dreamwork is work for a brave heart and a good guide is so important. For over a year I’ve found myself working with Kezia- and with is an important distinction. Slowly I’ve found an intelligence, bravery and compassion within myself that I never saw in quite the same way. Its been a tough year in my life, and I’ve found the strength to move through my struggles gently and honestly. I’m not sure how I would have done this without our work together. Kezia meets this work with compassion, humor and a seriousness that is both supportive and challenging.

Jackie, Real Estate

Kezia has an amazing ability to reveal the truth below the surface; through observing my dreams and how I relate to them, she has helped me to rediscover and nurture the sensitivity I had repressed for a long time. Kezia’s warmth and patience throughout the process have been a gift; no matter what I’m going through or how frightened I may feel of facing vulnerability, she creates an environment which is unwaveringly loving and positive.

Patrick, Legal Services

Thank you for your insights in the dream reading, it left me with so much to think about. The reading made me realize that when I try to analyse dreams, I take what I see at face value and don’t always take a step back to evaluate the whole situation or put it into perspective. Thank you for opening up a new world for me!

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