You can use the powerful emotional energy of your dreams to transform your life. If you have been carrying a powerful or potent dream in your heart for a long time, if you find yourself being plagued by similar recurring dreams over and over, or if there is a particular nightmare that has been haunting you, Delta Dream Sessions can help.

In Delta Dream Sessions, I will hold a container for you to have the space, support, and guidance you need to dive deeply into the medicine of your dreams and utilize them as the potent healing tool that they are. We’ll start by an exploration of the issues you’re dealing with currently and use a process of careful questioning and collaboration to determine the precise threshold your dream is trying lead you through at the moment.

From there, I can offer a variety of techniques, including meditation, breathwork, sacred song/drumming and Reiki to facilitate your passage through the transformation your dream is encouraging. After our session, I’ll record a personalized meditation for you to continue the transformative process of the dream.

A couple of weeks later, we’ll do a follow up session and go over what kind of integrations you are experiencing, questions or blocks that are arising, and perhaps even touch into dreams you’ve had following the session. Through this process, we’ll find a path for you to fully integrate your dream’s medicine and equip you to continue a powerfully transformative journey with your dream.

Delta Dream Sessions are $120 and include:

A 1.5 hour initial session

A personalized meditation recording

A 30 minute follow up session 2wks after the first

***As an intro to this new offering, anyone who schedules a session by October 5th will receive a 30% discount on the session! So get in touch today!**

Delta Dream Sessions can take place in person in New Orleans or over Skype/phone. To learn more or schedule a session, please fill out the contact form below or shoot me an email at


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