Dream Readings

I offer dream readings for individuals looking for guidance on particular dreams.

In a dream reading, I will outline the way I perceive your dream and point you on a journey of self- inquiry. Your reading will be more questions than answers…but are intended to be just the questions you need to crack open the deep healing power of your dream.

You can send up to 3 dreams. Don’t fret over which to send–I truly believe all dreams contain the precise medicine we need. But please do send dreams you are genuinely curious about instead of ones you feel you already understand. It’ll be more fun that way I promise.

Once you hit the button below and pay through PayPal (paypal and all major credit/debit cards accepted), you’ll be sent to a form where I’ll ask you to write your dreams to me and answer a few questions about yourself. Once I receive your dream, I may email you with a few clarifying questions to make sure I have it precisely. After those questions are answered, I will email you a dream reading of 2-3 pages in PDF format within 7 days, which will include:

  • The top three questions I believe your dream is asking you
  • The biggest opportunity for healing I see in the dream
  • The areas that you need to bring greater awareness to in waking life, as evidenced by your dream
  • A specialized dream meditation made precisely for you!

Dream Reading Cost

For 1 Dream: $75
For up to 3 Dreams: $125

Dream Readings

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