Do you ever dream of love? Of finding someone to share love with? Of feeling more present and loving on a daily basis? Of truly knowing what it feels like to love yourself?

Odds are if you’re reading this, you do. But what if I told you that the dream you had last night was one of the most powerful pathways back to that love? This is the essence of my work and my purpose—to show people how to use their dreams to make love a living reality.

I know what you’re thinking…my dream? No way…my dreams are boring…or worse, are nightmares. Besides, I don’t even remember them!

There’s no doubt, the mainstream culture doesn’t think much of dreams. But I would suggest it’s not because your dreams aren’t important or you aren’t capable of remembering them. Truly, I think they tend be dismissed precisely because they are powerful. Dreams reveal our shadows, loud and clear. But through this process, you will discover your shadows aren’t the nightmares you think they are. In fact, they are the most profound path I know back to the love that lives inside of our hearts.

All of us have aspects of our being that are judgmental, selfish, or just plain cruel. But when we understand these aspects as simply paths back to unconditional love, we make it possible for the deepest expression of that love to pour through us. Sound challenging? It is. But your dreams will reveal to you the precise steps you should take, and I will be there by your side from beginning to end.

Dream of Love Coaching Includes

1 on 1 Private Dreamwork Sessions—In these intensive sessions, we will dive deep into your dream images and experiences, giving you the opportunity to experience and witness first hand the deepest contours of your heart and the specific ways you are blocked from experiencing love

Personalized Teachings/Meditations— I’ll personally curate audio programs based off of our private sessions that include self-guided meditations, teachings, exercises to bring the work into your daily life, and personalized rituals designed to transform the energies keeping you from fully embracing the love in your heart.

Facebook Group / Group Phone Calls — When you sign up, I’ll link you with other dreamers engaging in a similar transformational process or have experience on the path, both through facebook groups and periodical group phone calls

Who This Work is For
  • Anyone struggling to find center amid self-doubt, loneliness, anxiety and/or a general sense of being disconnected from how you deeply feel
  • Anyone looking for deep and intimate connection in a committed partnership, feeling stuck in a relationship that is volatile or draining, or deeply cynical about the possibility of such a partnership
  • Anyone who longs to know what it would feel like to live in a more deeply present, connected, and vulnerable way
  • Anyone seeking to find their voice and express it with confidence and clarity
  • Folks with an already vibrant connection to their dreams, seeking to deepen their ability to extract potent alchemical medicine from them
  • Folks who have barely remembered any dreams in their life, but have a sneaking suspicion that they may hold significance for them
  • All of my people in the Deep South, especially LA, AR, TN, MS, and AL—get in touch! I love the opportunity to connect with you and will put in extra effort to make this work accessible to you
Who This Work is NOT For
  • Anyone looking for a quick-fix, a hero, a savior, or just isn’t in the place at the moment to take full responsibility for themselves and their own transformation
  • Anyone who knows they have trauma in their past that they need to process but don’t feel ready to do so yet (dreams will often jump straight to the most potent trauma)
  • Anyone who already has a very specific material outcome they are seeking in the external world (i.e. an amount of money you have to make, or a type of partner you are trying to attract, etc). ((This work is about reclaiming aspects of your truth you are currently disconnected from, which requires surrendering, at some point or another, what we thought we knew when we started the process))
What I Commit To
  • Empowering You to Heal Yourself. At the core of my practice is a dedication to uplifting and honoring the dream and its wisdom, and at the core of that wisdom is the dream itself, a nightly, universal reminder that there is a whole universe of unexplored territory in you, just waiting below the surface to integrate and make you feel more whole. By opening to your dreams, you welcome that alchemical process of transformation that is available to you every time you remember one.
  • Welcoming Your Truth. In order to empower you, I encourage all of your questioning and doubt about who I am and what I believe in. I am not here to convince you of anything that does not deeply resonate with you. I am here to stand for your truth as it is revealed in your dream, which I believe comes from a very deep and wise place inside of you.
  • Maintaining Integrity. I am not afraid to have difficult conversations with people if I feel like the integrity of our container is compromised in any way. I am very sensitive to difficulty trusting others during a transformative healing process. I will work to set clear boundaries and agreements right from the start and do all I can to ensure we commit to them.
  • Being Vulnerable. I am not here to pretend that I have everything figured out or that because I have been studying dreams and been actively engaged on a spiritual path of self-exploration for the last 12 years, I am fully healed or immune to committing human errors that wound others. What I can commit to is doing my best to be as vulnerable as I can be with those that place their trust in me, as Brene Brown says “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.”


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Your dreams will show you how to firmly and tenderly embrace your wounds, releasing all of the energy that it takes to suppress them and ultimately clearing the path for unconditional love to consistently flow through your heart, your words, your relationships, and your actions.

There is nothing that brings me more joy than holding space for dreamers, standing behind the dream to allow the innate wisdom and power to flow from them. If you feel ready to fully embrace and devote yourself to the fierce, passionate, and devoted love that you long for, I would be honored to guide you and support you.

Together, we can create a lasting framework for you to consistently access the unconditional love inside of you, fostering a deep and intimate relationship with your dream world that will continue to guide you long after our time together is done.

Through This Work, You Will:

>Reveal the unique and specific ways you stifle your connection to unconditional love, spirit, the divine (and the exact tools and strategies you need to overcome those blocks)

>Transform your struggles in relationship into your greatest strengths

>Strengthen your ability to stand firm in your most deeply felt truths

>Fall in love with the corners of your being that have been long abandoned, judged, or banished inside of you

>Develop a continuous practice of embracing shadow as a path to unconditional love

What People Are Saying…


Patrick, Legal Services

Thank you for your insights in the dream reading, it left me with so much to think about. The reading made me realize that when I try to analyse dreams, I take what I see at face value and don’t always take a step back to evaluate the whole situation or put it into perspective. Thank you for opening up a new world for me!


Julie., Scribe

I’d always sensed that dreams, like costumes, do not veil our true nature, but unveil it. Once I started working with Kezia, I began to see that dreams speak to us in a very clear and personalized language. As Kezia walked me through my dreams from within the dreamscape, I started to learn my own dreams’ particular language.


Brennan, Organic Farmer

Dreamwork is work for a brave heart and a good guide is so important. For over a year I’ve found myself working with Kezia- and with is an important distinction. Slowly I’ve found an intelligence, bravery and compassion within myself that I never saw in quite the same way. Its been a tough year in my life, and I’ve found the strength to move through my struggles gently and honestly. I’m not sure how I would have done this without our work together. Kezia meets this work with compassion, humor and a seriousness that is both supportive and challenging.


Brittanae, Adminstrator

Purchasing a dream reading with you was one of the absolute best gifts I’ve ever given myself. I shared your reading with my sister and it brought her to tears (it had the same effect on me). Thank you SO much! Wow, you are amazing.


April, Counselor

Working with Kezia has brought about change in my life that might not otherwise have occurred. Her unique perceptions and insight into the world of dreams has helped to open my eyes to many of the very subtle ways in which a life can be inhibited, and she has helped me to see the very individual way our dreams are here to help us.


Jackie, Real Estate

Kezia has an amazing ability to reveal the truth below the surface; through observing my dreams and how I relate to them, she has helped me to rediscover and nurture the sensitivity I had repressed for a long time. Kezia’s warmth and patience throughout the process have been a gift; no matter what I’m going through or how frightened I may feel of facing vulnerability, she creates an environment which is unwaveringly loving and positive.

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