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Can’t Figure Out Your Dreams?, Sivana

Don’t think your dreams mean anything? Think again. Dreams have been used since humanity began for healing, self-understanding, and developing spiritual connection and support.

A Dreamworker on Psychic Mediums, Neutrons/Protons

I am a dreamworker, meaning I practice a one-on-one method of exploring people’s dreams for healing and psychological exploration. Telling people this, I have received critiques along the same lines — “You’re selling snake oil,” “That sounds like bullshit,” and my personal favorite, “But Kezia, you’re so smart!”

Against Contingent Love, Neutrons/Protons

In this sense, even the most contingent forms of love still contain a hint of the unconditional—even with our expectations and contingencies we always know on some level we can never fully predict or control the other. And yet, we still love.

The Reality of Faith, Reality Sandwich

Through working dream images, I’d been able to momentarily experience the concepts of divine support and unconditional love. But actually developing a practice of faith was something different, something I had begun to feel I could only do for myself.

Fall in Love With the Divine Obscurity of Insects, Rebelle Society

I think that’s all the insects are ever saying anyway. Here I am. Right here. Here I am. Remember.

Accepting and Loving Yourself, Having Time

The only problem is, that person we feel we “should” be might have nothing to do with who we really are! We beat ourselves up for not being that person, instead of asking ourselves, what do I really need and want for myself, right now? When we turn away from our deeper selves in an effort to create some shiny perfect reflection in the mirror, the more dissonance and discomfort we feel, and the more difficult self-love gets.

How To Know What You’re Really Feeling So You Can Feel Better, Tiny Buddha

Throughout my life, I thought of myself as someone who felt too much. I was very gregarious and could easily be consumed by moments of joy and celebration. But when I was alone, I could be overtaken by angry, self-destructive voices that would dominate my mind.

Past Events/Classes

The Dream Caravan 
A multi-day festival/event in New Orleans celebrating all things related to the dream. Stay tuned for Dream Caravan 2017!

Rules of the Dreamworld
1.5 hour workshop exploring the three central rules to understanding the dream realm.

Entering the Dreamworld 
4-week course introducing individuals into the world of using their dreams for healing and transformation

Healing Through Feeling
6-week course diving deep on individual emotions and ways to process them that bring healing and a deeper sense of self-knowledge

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