Jan 28 – Feb 25

The circle is open! For seekers, dreamers, and anyone ready to face into the full depths of their being, I couldn’t be more excited to invite you into this unique program. The Dream Circle will use webinars, workbooks, a Facebook group, and a private consultation to kickstart your relationship with your dreams and lead you on a path of self-mastery and self-actualization. I hope you’ll join—space is limited, as I’m seeking to keep this circle small to start!

Segments of the Dream Circle

3 Live Online Masterclasses

Healing Through Feeling

Jan 28th
  • how to restore balance between your heart and your mind
  • details on common emotional patterns (i.e. anxiety, fear, desire) and how they can alchemize
  • what to do with distraction/numbness

Entering the Dream Realm

Feb 11th
  • how to orient yourself in a dream
  • respecting dream parameters
  • ritualizing dreaming
  • common dream symbols and how to work with them

Awaken to the Dream

Feb 25th
  • recognizing and working with archetypes
  • how to handle nightmares
  • dream activities to stimulate creativity and healing
  • integrating dream wisdom to everyday life

Exclusive Dream Circle Facebook group

In this small and intimate group, you will be encouraged to share your dreams & ask any questions that may come up—I’ll be in there daily to stimulate discussion and respond to your dreams!

1 Individual Dream Reading

As part of the circle, I will provide you an in-depth dream reading. In a dream reading, you can send up to 3 dreams and I will respond in a written format that will help you jumpstart your dream understanding. For full information on what a dream reading with me entails, click here. 

E-Books & Worksheets

How to Remember Your Dreams–in-depth guide to improving dream recall ASAP

A Guide Through Your Dream—Step by step way to engage with your dreams through dialogue and self inquiry

Laws of the Dream Realm–3 Essential Laws to Orient You to the Dream Realm

Dream Journal Pages–Uniquely designed journal pages to help you engage with the important aspects of your dream

Join the Dream Circle Today And Receive:

3 Live Online Masterclasses

Exclusive Dream Circle Facebook Group

1 Individual Dream Reading

E-books & Worksheets

All for $97!

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What People Are Saying….

Working with Kezia has brought about change in my life that might not otherwise have occurred. Her unique perceptions and insight into the world of dreams has helped to open my eyes to many of the very subtle ways in which a life can be inhibited, and she has helped me to see the very individual way our dreams are here to help us.


School Counselor

Kezia has an amazing ability to reveal the truth below the surface; through observing my dreams and how I relate to them, she has helped me to rediscover and nurture the sensitivity I had repressed for a long time. She has helped me realize that it is only through this deeper understanding of myself and openness to facing my rawest emotions that I can also feel the unconditional love and support from the dreams, and ultimately in general. Kezia’s warmth and patience throughout the process have been a gift; no matter what I’m going through or how frightened I may feel of facing vulnerability, she creates an environment which is unwaveringly loving and positive.


Real Estate

I really feel that my life is continually changing for the better thanks to the Dreamwork. With Kezia’s insight, guidance, and genuinely compassionate support, I have come to understand so much about myself from examining the contents of my dreams. I have learned that everything I need to know about myself and my place in the world is contained in my unconscious and revealed to me through the language of my dreams; it’s just a matter of translating that language. I believe that this is the case for everyone–let Kezia guide you into your dreams and find out for yourself!


Reiki Practitioner

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What if I can’t attend all of the classes?

No problem! You’ll be sent all of the recordings directly after the classes as well as the slide decks so you can follow along.

Is there a way to pay through a payment plan?

Yes, if you’d like to join but need to use a payment plan or other structure, click below and you can send me a message explaining your situation. I am happy to work with anyone who has an interest.

What if I realize this actually isn’t for me after I buy?

No problem! If after the first class (so by February 1st) you decide this course isn’t actually what you were looking for, it’s no problem, just let me know and I will refund your money 100%!

What Are You Waiting For?

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