The DREAM CARAVAN 2016 is ON!!

This year promises to be the best year ever—and tickets are at their lowest ever: $22! You don’t want to miss this beautiful day of healing, spirituality, poetry, music, art, and deep dream exploration. Get your tickets here.

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Your Dreams See You

Truth is not a solid line, it is a glittering diamond whose glory can shine differently inside of each persons eye. Dreams remind us that this diamond is inside, that there is a real us down there, and it glitters in the light and spins inside our stomachs and it urges and it yearns and it loves and it creates and it learns and it grows and it heals, and that this is the part of us that is alive.

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My name is Kezia and I am on a mission to awaken the powerful medicine of dreams in the hearts of all who are hearing the call. Follow me below to track my adventure bringing dreams into their rightful place in the world.

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