The DREAM CARAVAN 2016 is ON!! This year promises to be the best year ever—and tickets are at their lowest ever: $22! We’re offering a full day to help you deeply dive into your subconscious–including a workshop based on Marion Woodman’s dreamwork and information on how to use dreams to facilitate the 12-step process. The day will be capped off by an amazing concert by local New Orleans band Fever Dreams. You don’t want to miss this beautiful day of healing, spirituality, poetry, music, art, and deep dream exploration.  Get your tickets here.

I’m so happy to announce that the Dream Wisely Planner is here! If you didn’t get to snag a copy when we had our Indiegogo project, please check out our Etsy shop where you can order them. These planners are specially designed as a weekly planner and dream journal, helping you to plan your day and track what is going on in your dream life…at the same time! Not to mention the gorgeous monthly illustrations created by Render Allumaya to ground each month in the energy of an animal that is often found in the dream realm. Click below to learn more!

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The Birth of a New American Dream

The time has come for a new American Dream, since the one we have been dreaming together has become a nightmare. We dreamt of free speech and we got hate speech. We dreamt of the pursuit of happiness and we got students armed with guns killing other children. We dreamt of freedom and we got unarmed water protectors having their flesh burned off by the very same water they are trying to defend.

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Your Dreams See You

Truth is not a solid line, it is a glittering diamond whose glory can shine differently inside of each persons eye. Dreams remind us that this diamond is inside, that there is a real us down there, and it glitters in the light and spins inside our stomachs and it urges and it yearns and it loves and it creates and it learns and it grows and it heals, and that this is the part of us that is alive.

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Want some guidance about a dream right now? I offer in-depth dream readings!

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My name is Kezia and I am on a mission to awaken the powerful medicine of dreams in the hearts of all who are hearing the call. Follow me below to track my adventure bringing dreams into their rightful place in the world.

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