As part of the Dream Wisely Planner Workbook–2018: Year of the Dream– I will be hosting monthly webinars in relation to the topics in the workbook.
This month’s topic, for January is: Remembering Your Dreams! 

That’s a good place to start, isn’t it?
To kick us off, I would like to offer this webinar *basically* For free. I only ask that you fill out this survey:

I am retooling my offerings in 2018 and want to make sure what I’m offering is serving all you beautiful dreamers well. So if you could take the time to fill this one out it would be a *HUGE* help to me! And of course to sweeten the deal, you’ll get the invite to the webinar coming up next Thursday. Looking forward to being with all of you.

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My Favorite Ritual To Jumpstart Dream Recall

I often think of dreams as existing in our memories in a similar way that elusive words can sometimes feel like they are on the tips of our tongues–just out of reach, but right there. So, just like when you’ve forgotten what you were going to say, instead of putting a lot of pressure on yourself and feeling guilty or ashamed for not remembering, one of the best ways to approach remembering dreams is with a gentle, light heart.

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My Most Embarrassing Confession….

Here’s my confession: I have lost track of my dreams. Or perhaps my dreams have lost me…on purpose.
When I began working with my dreams, I had a teacher. It was kind of a therapeutic/spiritual teacher type format, where we would have appointments each week, I would send my dreams and we would do that kind of intensive work that can happen in a 1 on 1 container.
Years passed. I started doing dreamwork with other people, and training in a more focused way to a specific method….

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Hope Dies Last

This past Sunday I was invited to give a talk at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in New Orleans. It is always a great pleasure and honor to do so, especially this week, where the theme I was given was hope. Hope is a topic I’ve always thought a lot... read more

Dreams of the Dead

Have you ever had a dream about someone who has died? In this short video, I explain how you can understand these dreams and even use them in your grieving/mourning process.

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Want some guidance about a dream right now? I offer in-depth dream readings!


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My name is Kezia and I am on a mission to awaken the powerful medicine of dreams in the hearts of all who are hearing the call. Follow me below to track my adventure bringing dreams into their rightful place in the world.

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