I’m so excited to announce spring dreamwork & dreamplay right here in New Orleans!

We will be having regular open dream hours on Mondays as well as Community Dream Play in the evenings.

Stay tuned for announcements about other healers and teachers that will be on hand Mondays in the dream house.

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Your Dreams See You

Truth is not a solid line, it is a glittering diamond whose glory can shine differently inside of each persons eye. Dreams remind us that this diamond is inside, that there is a real us down there, and it glitters in the light and spins inside our stomachs and it urges and it yearns and it loves and it creates and it learns and it grows and it heals, and that this is the part of us that is alive.

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Dreams About Flying

Do you feel connected to the rhythms of your own body, your needs and energy levels? Do you feel attuned to the ways that you experience different emotional reactions within your body? Do you know how to connect to a sense of being supported, feeling loved, or being at home inside of your own body? All of these questions may be helpful in the context of looking at a dream where you are disembodied in some way or another.

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Want some guidance about a dream right now? I offer in-depth dream readings!

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My name is Kezia and I am on a mission to awaken the powerful medicine of dreams in the hearts of all who are hearing the call. Follow me below to track my adventure bringing dreams into their rightful place in the world.

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